A group show orgonised by the LAPAROLE art gallery abu dhabi at the sorbonne university atrium ABU DHABI . was held for a week march 2019. La PAROLE Art Gallery presented : "Screen Pyramid Hologram". A hologram video by Moroccan Artist, (based in France), Inaam Obtel, particularity conceived for the group exhibition “A FORM OF TOLERANCE”. ___

The hologram shows an animation video that consists of several elements in the form of drawings, in particular the DNA which is deformed, reformed and forms, over time, a kind of tolerance between human beings and nations. This migration from one generation to another consistency over time. This relationship between the migration of DNA within the body and the journey through the countries; the encounter between several races and culture, this impact on the identity that already resides in each of us and we are united somewhere in our genes. The heartbeat sound is that hope a better life under the shadow of tolerance.

links : https://www.sorbonne.ae/discover/events/a-form-of-tolerance-group-exhibition/




114 Boulevard de Grenelle, Paris 

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